Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting things done

It certainly is a wonderful feeling to get to the end of the day and feel like you got things done. And not just things but important things that you care about having donewhether it's because you love it or because you must care. To that end, we look to a recent Unclutterer post: Four reasons you may be missing deadlines and how to fix these problems.

I found it an excellent read. Since studying at university, I have begun to appreciate things tend to take longer than I expect and I can never fit as much into one day as I am tempted to plan. My big one at the moment is what Unclutterer terms "impulse control".

At my previous joba rather tedious data entry roleI found it a challenge to stay on task with mountains of interest waiting to be climbed just a Google search away. So I developed the habit of writing down whatever was threatening my concentration with the intent that I might look into it later. In the end, I seldom cared to look it up anyway!

Since then that habit has fallen by the wayside of general use but I'll pull it out every now and then, on a particularly slow day. My current impulse curbing plan is limiting Facebook visits to one per day. I have quite a few sites that could benefit from such a rule but, let's start slowly, okay?