Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daily Digi Feature Images Contest

Last week I discovered the Daily Digi was running a competition to find new title images for their designer feature posts and thought to myself, 'I could give that a go.'

Because the contest information mentioned vintage posters and a love of creative type, my first move was to check out FontSquirrel and look at their retro font collection. An art deco styled font took my fancy and from there I began some sketches.

Although I knew the sort of feel I wanted for the titles, I couldn't picture exact art deco elements I could include. Google Image Search to the rescue!

One of my inspirations was the middle one of these Art Deco style wallpapers:

Source: Sample Board Online in Australia via Google Images
At the moment I'm working with a palette of deep reds/browns, a little like the reds of the other two wallpapers, actually! I created this palette on COLOURlovers but I'm not 100% sure these are the exact colours I'll use. I fear it might not be bright enough to work with the rest of the Daily Digi look.

Source: COLOURlovers.com
Anyways, we'll have to see how things evolve! I was inspired to include the sea green colour thanks to the site where I found the art deco wallpapers above. Interestingly, the Daily Digi logo uses reds and blue/greens although the green is a dark tone and the red is a brighter tone. I've sort of reversed that with my colour choices!

Are you working on something for a competition? Where do you like to go for inspiration? I often find it will start with a font for me!

Art decoratively yours,

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Melissa Shanhun said...

You should totally enter! I love those ideas :)